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Welcome to Drone Last! I’m Billy Chan, a passionate drone enthusiast who believes that these innovative devices are set to revolutionize the world in the coming decade.

As a dedicated drone flyer who has devoted countless hours to drone research, Drone Last is the ultimate resource for all your drone-related needs. We understand that purchasing your first drone can be daunting, given the many brands, models, accessories, and courses available in the market. Which one do you choose? Which is the best?

In truth, there isn’t a universally “best” option; the suitable drone for you depends on your specific needs and circumstances. That’s why I launched Drone Last – to guide newcomers into this exciting field and help them find their perfect drone match. We strive to simplify your drone buying experience and enhance your enjoyment of drone flying.

Aside from my insights, Drone Last brings together a community of fellow drone enthusiasts. From time to time, we will feature guest posts from seasoned drone flyers, sharing their valuable insights and experiences to enrich your drone flying journey.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned drone flyer, we aim to make your drone experience exciting and fulfilling. Here’s to countless hours of incredible drone flights! Enjoy your time in the skies!

Billy Chan
Founder of Drone Last


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